FrontEnd Web Developer. BackEnd Developer. Full-Stack Web Developer = Vladimir Jovanović

About me

Hello. I'm a 25 year old FrontEnd and BackEnd Developer who has a passion for technology.

When it comes to creating products, I always use the most latest, bleeding-edge technology because of security, performance and reliability.

My skills are:

I'm also a volunteer on 3 websites which you can check down below.

Why did I start with Web Development? Well, I love when I make something and people use something that I've created. I also love watching the code and see how devices work under the hood.

I've been using "Adobe Photoshop" for quite some time and my skill in that software is close to "Intermediate". I've recently started using "Adobe Illustrator".

I have my own site hosted on "GitHub" where you can see my skills as a demonstration what can I do.